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BSP provides companies to its Blackstone affiliates, not to traders in its funds, strategies or different merchandise. BSP does not make any recommendation relating to, and will not monitor, any investment. You should train your own judgment and/or consult with an expert advisor to discover out whether it is advisable for you to put cash into any Blackstone technique or product.

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Real estate salespeople and brokers must log into their personal on-line account to perform this function. When the Department of State approves the salesperson on-line utility, a license will be generated by Licensing Services and mailed to the workplace location indicated on the application. Find the correct dealer license that matches the corporate name and address and choose that workplace by clicking on the circle in front of the desired office and handle and then press “Next Step” to proceed. When typing the UID# of brokers, using higher case for any alpha characters is required (i.e., 31BR ). Real estate dealer applicants should complete 152 hours of permitted qualifying schooling.

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